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Go places. Protect hair & face. 

Protect your hair & face from little critters that may be creeping around airline pillows and pillowcases. Neero & Ana's satin travel pillowcase is smart, conveniently sized and simple to put on. 

If you're catching a little shut-eye on-board your airplane flight, relaxing on a road trip or snoozing on the couch, our mini satin travel cases keep hair perfectly styled and ready to get-up-and-go. 


  • Folds into a rectangle that stores neatly into your carry-on tote or handbag
  • Center slit opening makes it quick and easy to insert your travel pillow
  • Fits airline pillows
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • Available in 2 sizes: Regular: 20" X 14" | Petite: 16" X 12"
  • Made in USA
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5 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings)
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Love the Travel Pillow Case

This travel case is perfect for when I travel ! Love the look and it feels great
Posted by Carolyn Spann, 25th Jul 2021

Nothing compares

Y’all just can’t be beat because when you’re the best, there just isn’t anything else! I love my pillowcases so much, and for several years now I just keep coming back for more because I can’t help but share mine with friends or family and then have to replace them!
Posted by Jeanna, 16th Apr 2020

Nothing compares

I’ve been a loyal customer for years and can’t be without my N&A cases Even if I don’t take one of my travel pillows, I always have a full size case with me in my overnight bag. My skin and hair are way too spoiled, so I’m *almost* glad y’all don’t make body pillow cases or sheets or I’d NEVER leave my bed!
Posted by Jeanna Watson, 9th Mar 2020

Faithful fan for years

I can’t even count the number of pillow cases I’ve bought from y’all, and how many I’ve given away as gifts, but nothing compares to them!
Posted by Jeanna , 15th Jan 2020

Best pillowcase for SobaKawa buckwheat pillow

This is an updated review. I've recently reordered more cases for my buckwheat pillow. The travel size fits the best. The pillowcases breathe and are protective for my hair. The pillowcases were recommended by my hairstylist. It was the best advice she could have given me. I no longer have the stylist, but I still use the pillowcases.
Posted by tracey warren, 12th Jan 2020

Satin Travel Pillow

I purchased some of the original satin pillows in 2009 on the advice of my hair stylist. I eventually switched over to a Sobakawa buckwheat pillow (to prevent back and neck problems), I was frustrated because I had to convert my queen sized satin pillows to fit the buckwheat pillow. I'm so excited about this travel pillow case, because I can now put my buckwheat pillow inside and I no longer have to destroy my queen pillow! I travel for work, so now I can have one for home and another for the road. Thank you for solving my dilemma of altering pillows. Your satin fabric is fantastic! My hair loves you!
Posted by Tracey Warren, 2nd Oct 2017


I've purchased 8 signature pillowcases (in king and standard) and bought a memory foam pipe so I could have a smaller travel pillow AND pillowcase. The travel case fits perfectly and I think I may buy a another travel case! I love these cases, and my hair and skin know when I go a night on a regular cotton pillowcase because I've experimented so many times!
Posted by Jeanna Watson, 27th Apr 2015