Say hello to reinforced hydration!

Stronger hair with less frizz +

an anti-aging moisture-boosted face

 nature inspired

S A T I N   P I L L O W C A S E S

Looking for a beauty/grooming solution that's both

pretty & powerful?


Take your grooming routine to a whole new level.

Satin pillowcases & accessories  that go to work instantly on curly, fine, thinning, dry, relaxed, hightlighted, colored and natural hair.

Hydrates frizzy, damaged hair. 


Also pulls a double shift as an anti-aging skincare worker to reduce wrinkles, diminish dry, patchy spots on face and gives you that "all day glow."

Brighten Someone's Day this Season

We've been around since 2006, helping hundreds of women and men, love the way they look every morning.  

every product is made in the USA

"I love them and have used them for years!"

"Love the beautiful colors, quality, and heavenly feel of the satin pillowcases. Highly recommend this product!!!"

"Excellent products and service in all areas. Neero and Ana are an important part of my hair care needs."

"My hair and skin have improved. I did not realize how much ordinary pillowcases can dehydrate your skin. "

Not all satin is created equal.

We learned early on that it just doesn't pay to skimp on self-care. Our thick, rich, nature-inspired satin pillowcases aren't anything like the ones you see in stores for $9.00. You get what you pay for. 

Neero & Ana's satin pillowcases are made from plant cellulose/wood pulp and never polyester or silkworms. 

They are the perfect formula for cared-for skin, healthy hair and a better night's sleep.

Get ready for a better sleeping beauty experience.



Satin travel pillowcases

Perfect protection in the air, on the road or at nap time.

Simple center slit allows for plenty of

room to insert your small pillow.