Our Story

Our Mission
Neero & Ana is committed to providing simple, solution-based beauty/grooming essentials and accessories that incorporate nature-based foundations. We're passionate about extending our products to consumers of all ages, shades and variations, in hopes that the effortless beauty results we've found in hair repair and skin rejuvenation,  produce the same awesome results for you. 
The Back Story
My hairdresser continued to tell me to invest in a satin pillowcase to keep the style she artfully created for me. So, I went about finding the perfect satin pillowcase in all the bedding departments of my local stores on Long Island. After about 3-6 months of sleeping on each of them, they either fell apart or damaged my hair more. 
So, I decided to create my own, with some help from the textile department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Enter: Satin Hydration Therapy®
Years of  chemical treatments, colorants, highlights, lowlights and harsh blow drying made it necessary to find a "ride or die" solution once and for all. Satin Hydration Therapy® helped me to reclaim healthy, strong, shiny, hair. And getting a little anti-aging help became our mission #2.
Our company's goal was simple: create a multi-tasking, overnight BFF (beauty best friend) that didn't come in a 4oz jar, didn't break the pocketbook, would rejuvenate effortlessly and guarantee real results. Neero & Ana prides itself in delivering quality products. We'd never use polyester on our own face or hair, so we won't offer them to you either.

Handmade in the USA

Every item we produce is hand crafted in New York City.  We use a natural foundation of plant cellulose acetate bridal satin to create a breathable, deliciously detailed, perfectly packaged satin sleeper that makes "beauty sleep" a real thing.  
It's become the #1 recommended satin pillowcase.  

And oh, by the way...since incorporating the Satin Hydration Therapy® nature inspired  satin pillow case into my nightly beauty routine, I realize that I can look great without a lot of fuss.  If it works for me, it’ll work wonders for you too. Pick up at least one today. 

Congratulations & Sleep Tight!