How are Satin Hydration Therapy® satin pillowcases different from the ones on retail shelves?
Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcases are nature-inspired and made from plant cellulose. This means that one of the components in the production process comes from natural cellulose. Cellulose is wood pulp or generally obtained from trees or plants. You’ll also find that Neero & Ana’s bridal satin pillowcases are thicker (300 denier), richer in color and quality. In addition, you’ll enjoy up to 10 years of usage.

What is satin and what’s the difference between silk, acetate and polyester satin pillowcases?
Satin is not a fabric. It’s a special kind of fabric weaving process.
Silk is made from precious silkworms, is extremely delicate and has a shorter shelf life. If you’re passionate about cruelty-free products, this option is not for you.
Polyester (charmeuse) satin pillowcases have not natural properties. Polyester, essentially is a man-made fabric produced entirely from plastics and polymers. It’s neither breathable of kind to the environment and they tend to break down faster. When you spend $5.00 on a satin pillowcase, you get $5.00 results.

Are satin pillowcases really good for your hair and skin?

In a word…absolutely! Satin pillowcases have been recommended for decades. A short list of benefits:

Reduces stress, breakage, tangling, dryness and stress
Facial and anti-aging treatments thrive vs. disappearing into typical cotton pillowcases
Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines on face, delivering the moisture you need to keep your hair strong and healthy and your facial tissue hydrated, soft and plumped.

How do I clean my satin pillowcase?
Wash your Satin Hydration Therapy® pillowcase in warm water with your other towels and sheets. Tumble dry on regular settings. Since these beauties are not polyester, they will wrinkle. But if you’re like us, we don’t’ care, as long as they do their job of keeping our hair & face healthy. It’s a lifestyle.
To remove wrinkles, simply turn pillowcase inside-out and iron on high heat.

My pillows are queen size. What size pillowcase should I order?
Our standard size pillowcases fit queen pillows, so order yours now.

Where are your pillowcases made?
We’re thrilled that all of our products are made right here in the USA. Our manufacturer is located in the famous garment district, in the heart of New York City.