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n-a-plant-smaller.png2FACED COLLECTION

A bright, bold and breathable satin pillowcase featuring 2 bodacious colors together. You have options - deciding which color to sleep on each night. Choose the satin pillowcase duet colors that excite your mood or fit your bedroom style. 

 Moisturizing, hydrating, colorful and renewing. Detangles hair, reduces breakage, fights facial wrinkles and the signs of aging.  

  • Made from breathable plants, never polyester!
  • Satin bow detailing on 1 side only
  • 7 mouth-watering color blends
  • Machine washable & dryable
  • Made in USA
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5 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings)
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Pillow cases

Beautiful product
Posted by Sheila Deans Elliott, 11th Jan 2021

Pillow cases

A beautiful comfortable product
Posted by Sheila Deans Elliott, 11th Jan 2021

Simply The Best

The Neero and Ana satin pillow cases are better than all the rest!!
Posted by Roz, 28th Dec 2020

Two sided satin pillow case

Really love the pillowcases. Feels great on the skin.
Posted by Sylvia Spencer, 20th Jun 2020

2 sided satin pillowcase

Really enjoy the pillowcases. Feel good on skin!!!
Posted by Sylvia Spencer, 20th Jun 2020

2Faced satin pillow case

I purchased satin pillows years ago from Neero and Ana and still have. I recently purchased for my teenager due to acne and it does help his skin.
Posted by Sylvia , 2nd Mar 2020

Best Ever

I’ve purchased a Neero & Ana pillowcase several years ago and loved it then. I decided it was time repurchase and this time I bought two! I just love the way my hair isn’t frizzy or loses its shine if I forget to wrap it at night. I highly recommend investing!
Posted by Rae, 23rd Dec 2018

Give The Gift

Just like anything else, when you find a product that is simply "The Best" - you want to share it with others. This holiday season, I purchased a few for my family and friends to introduce them to Neero-Ana satin pillowcases. It is not enough for me to rave about them, but to share my experience of using the product with others. It does work to preserve my hair and skin.
Posted by Roz Dewey, 28th Dec 2016

Two n One Sparkle

Beauty on my pillow, two for one with the amazing double color scheme ! Brings accent to the headboard !
Posted by Joan Harvey-Fields, 11th Dec 2014