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Our dreamy satin pillowcases colors not only help keep hair from frizzing, splitting or drying out, they also promote deeper hydration for delicate areas on your face. Neero & Ana satin cases are made from plants and never polyester or silk worms. 

A few other benefits you'll love: 

  • Nearly flawless satin pillowcase surface allows head to glide gently, keeping hairstyles in tact
  • Reinforces facial moisturizers
  • Helps minimize facial lines, wrinkles & dry skin patches 


  • Fiber content: natural, plant cellulose acetate
  • Completely machine washable/ dryable
  • Meticulously assembled with inner French seams for long term durability and years of usage
  • Made in the USA


  • Hers Style: centered satin bow
  • Naked Style: plain, no extra detailing added
  • Standard cases:32" x 20" | King cases :39" x 21"
Availability: Usually ships in 7-10 days. Longer during peak holiday times.
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5 out of 5 (based on 39 ratings)
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The best!!

I’ve tried other brands. Unfortunately! Wasted money. These are the best! Can’t sleep without them. Take one in my suitcase when I travel.
Posted by Debbie Pre, 24th Jul 2021

An Essential Item

All satin pillowcases are not created equal! These are high quality and I recommend all of my friends to buy them here. It helps protect my hairstyle, now I'm wearing a pixie cut and there is no need to tie my hair down at night. I have been a customer for over 5 years now and I have never been disappointed. I wash and dry these with my sheets and they are durable and maintain the satin look and feel. I even keep one in my luggage for when I travel. This is an item you must have.
Posted by Janice Gardner, 17th May 2021


Holy cow! I’m a purple and blue color lover, and have several other colors of N&A cases, and chose to branch out beyond my “normal” color wheel (I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and can’t tell my oldest case from my newest because the quality truly stands up over time!). This peacock color is SO stunning! I had it for 2 days when my daughter came to see me for the weekend and spotted it on my bed and thought she was going to be stealing it from me! Guess I have to get another one for a birthday gift for her. She’s never tried to steal my other N&A cases, but has kindly begged for one, lol.
Posted by Jeanna Watson, 17th Mar 2021

Satin Pillow

I love them and have used them for years!
Posted by Tani, 23rd Jan 2021

Love Love Satin Pillowcases

Love the beautiful colors, quality, and heavenly feel of the satin pillowcases. Improved sizing provides an excellent fit for my king size pillow. Highly recommend this product!!
Posted by Shirley Williams, 6th Jan 2021


Excellent products and service in all areas. Neero and Ana are an important part in my hair care needs.
Posted by Tonya Harper, 25th Jul 2020

Satin pillow cases

Love them. I have been using them for over ten years. They feel so good, look good and are good for my hair and skin. Helps prevent breakage and my hair holds the curl. I’m never going back to sleeping with a scarf.
Posted by Janice R. Gibson, 15th Jul 2020


Very well made, soft. A dream to sleep on n
Posted by Linda, 8th Jul 2020

LOVE this pillowcase!

It keeps me cool and my skin clear. I’ve also noticed that my hair is not nearly as frizzy! Also, it’s so pretty, and I love the little bow! I will be buying another one in another color.
Posted by Alexandria Ramos, 23rd Jun 2020